For some educational applications, it is helpful to print the note names inside the notehead. This is done for beginning piano, guitar and other instruments. If you use Finale or Sibelius, there are options to create this effect.

Sibelius 5 and later – built-in to the Software

If you are a Sibelius 5 user, then you can access a plug-in to create the note names inside the noteheads. First enter the desired notation. Then, select the passage and choose
Plug-ins > Other > Add Note Names to note heads.

Sibelius add note names.png

After you run the plug-in you will need to zoom in to see the note names. You can use the shortcut CTRL and the plus (+) sign (Command and the plus (+) sign on Mac) to zoom in. You will also need to increase the staff size via the Document Layout window (Layout > Document Layout) if you want to print the notation. Set the staff size to 0.7 inches or larger and the note names should be readable in the noteheads (the graphic below was generated in Sibelius using the plug-in). The one problem with this free option for Sibelius is the notes on a staff line overprint the cross-strokes on the letters. See the D and F, in the graphic above.

Kidnotes Font for Sibelius 4, 5 and Finale:

For Sibelius 4, 5 and Finale users, you can purchase a third party font called Kidnotes. This font costs $39.95 for one computer and $97.00 for a site license. In the Kidnotes font all of the cross-stroke notes are moved down slightly so they don’t print directly over the staff lines. This is an improvement over the Sibelius 5 plug-in.

Sibelius users will need to download the Kidnotes plug-in from the Sibelius website:

Finale users will need to use templates that come with Kidnotes when purchased. Once the Kidnotes font is installed, the templates are available and can be customized as needed.

Kidnotes can also print out solfeggio letters in the note heads as well as note names.

If you have a need for printing note names or solfeggio inside noteheads, then Kidnotes is the way to go.