The best way to get emersed into a notation program is to take some formal training. Many teachers, church musicians, private teachers, composers and arrangers find time in the summer to take courses in music technology. There are many options for training in music notation software in general and Sibelius and Finale in particular.

Consider the following course options:

1. Berklee Online Courses. Join more than 6,000 students who have experienced the top rated Berklee Music Online courses. There is an offering for Sibelius and Finale. Courses run 4 times per year. The next course starts in April and a summer section begins in July.

Music Notation Using Sibelius

Music Notation Using Finale

Their are many other online courses that Berklee offers in addition to courses on music notation.

2. Review the list of summer courses that TI:ME has to offer. Most of these courses are face-to-face courses, and a few are online.

3. Here is a list of summer workshops I am teaching this spring, summer and fall. Some are face-to-face and others are online:

4. Check out the Sibelius site listing of training sessions

Do you know of other locations for notation training that you have found helpful?