Finale offers a helpful option to renotate (retranscribe) notation that has been entered. When playing in parts in real-time using Hyperscribe or when entering notation one note/rest at a time, often there are rests that can be removed which will make the rhythm more readable and simplify the rhythm.

For example, check out the funk bass part, notated in Finale:

Removing the rests will greatly improve the readability of this rhythm.

Here are the steps:

Quantization settings

1. In Finale 2010/2011, choose MIDI/Audio > Quantization Settings
2. In the Quantization settings window, choose the smallest note value in the passage. In this case, a sixteenth note.
3. Check one of the options for tuplets. If there are triplets in the notation, select “Mix Rhythms.”. If not, choose “No Tuplets.”
4. Click the More Settings button

5. Check the “Minimize Number of Rests” option.


From ….the automatic adjustment of timing values to some formula or pattern other than the one originally recorded. At its most basic level, to quantize a passage to sixteenth notes will drag all notes to their nearest sixteenth note, so making the passage sound both very in-time, but also very stiff and mechanical. There are many more subtle settings and styles that can both ‘correct’ timings, in a more natural manner, and even create human feel ‘groove quantizing’ where none originally existed. 

Once you make these choices, they will be retained in the Finale preferences. So, there is not need to go back to these settings unless there are changes in the notation of the example.

Retranscribing the Passage
1. Choose the Selection Tool
2. Select (highlight) the beats or measures you want to retranscribe.
3. Choose MIDI/Audio > Retranscribe.

If you don’t like the results of the change, undo it via Edit > Undo and make changes to the Quantization settings.


TIP: When you import MIDI files into Finale, these settings are also used. By default, the minimize rests option is checked. You can make adjustments to these settings when a file is imported.