Finale 2012 made some changes to the way the program works, specifically the addition of the Score Manager window and improved External sound library support. MakeMusic also announced a Finale iPad app to be shipping in 2012.

Score Manager

Finale 2012 includes a new item from the Window menu called the Score manager.  For Finale users who have been using Finale prior to 2012 will find that some of the Staff information that was previously in the Staff Attributes dialog box and the Staff Tool menu have been moved to the Score Manager. These  includes:

  • Setting the Notation Style
  • Staff Transposition
  • Number of Staff lines
  • Starting Clef
  • Staff names (full and abbreviated)

And, adding, deleted and re-organizing staves is now done in the Score Manger window.

  • Drag the staff to any location or use the preset score order option.
  • Add or delete a staff from the score.

Check out the MakeMusic tutorial video on the new Score Manager feature:

Sound setup

In earlier versions of Finale it was difficult to change instruments and sounds after the score was created. This has been updated since 2011. There is no need to specify a sound library. Finale automatically associates the instruments you’ve selected with the sound libraries on your computer and it remembers which sound libraries you prefer.  All VST/AU instruments and effects are available in Finale. You can use third-party sounds and effects. For a list of the recommended  third-party sounds check out:

Finale checks plug-ins for compatibility before loading, and tracks which plug-ins were previously checked for better performance. Check out the assistance for setting up third-party sound libraries:

Finale Reader for iPad

In addition, MakeMusic announced an iPad Finale viewer for the iPad that will be shipping soon. The app was displayed at NAMM in January, 2012 and will allow iPad users to view, print and play music created on Finale.