Rehearsal marks (also called rehearsal letters) are placed in scores to facilitate a recording session or rehearsal. They allow the conductor or producer to instruct the ensemble to begin at specific places in the score. For example, “start at letter A” or “start at letter C.”  Rehearsal marks are typically placed at the beginning of the major sections of a composition so they often coincide with the form. However, rehearsal letters are not used to indicate the form of a song. If you do want to indicate the form enter text (verse, chorus, and so forth). You can read more about Rehearsal letters at:

Sibelius: How to enter Rehearsal Marks

First choose the type of Rehearsal Marks you want to use. The default is alphabet letters.

  1. Open Engraving Rules
  2. Select “Rehearsal Marks”
  3. Under Appearance choose the type of rehearsal marks you want to use.

Sibelius Rehearsal marks.png

Next, set the Bar Number options

  1. Engraving Rules
  2. Click on Bar Numbers
  3. Set the Frequency and if you want to hide the bar numbers at Rehearsal Marks

I  check “Hide at Rehearsal marks”  if I’m using bar numbers for rehearsal marks.

Sibelius bar numbers.png

Sibelius Shortcut to enter a rehearsal mark:

  1. Select the bar where you want the Rehearsal mark to appear
  2. CTRL+R  (Command+R on Mac)

Finale: How to Enter Rehearsal Marks

  1. Choose the Expression Tool
  2. Move the mouse so the arrow is pointing to the appropriate measure
  3. Double-click the mouse and choose Rehearsal Marks
  4. Choose the type of Rehearsal Mark and click Assign.


Change from letters to bar numbers

Follow the above steps, but select and click assign.

Hide at rehearsal marks

This is turned on in Finale by Default. To change it:

  1. In the Expression Selection area, click Edit.
  2. Here you can change the look of the Rehearsal Mark and turn off the Hide at Rehearsal Mark option.

Shortcut: Metatools

There is a Metatool assigned by default to the Rehearsal letters. It is the letter M.

  1. Choose the Expression Tool.
  2. Hold down the letter M.
  3. Click the mouse in the bar.

You can add a Metatool to the Measure Numbers option:

  1. Choose the Expression Tool
  2. Hold down Shift and press a letter such as N for numbers to program the Metatool. This will create a new  Metatool. It will appear in the upper right of the Expression selection.
  3. Now you can press N to enter the Rehearsal Marks.