If you are a Sibelius user, you have surely found that the shortcuts save time entering notation.  In this post, I will review some of the options for using shortcuts with your existing computer keyboard and/or your iPad.

Option 1: Sibelius Shortcut Stickers: $6.54
These work with any computer keyboard that you are using with either a Mac or PC. One of my Berklee Online students, Andy Detra, commented that he converted an old computer keyboard he was no longer using into a Sibelius Shortcut Guide with the purchase of the Sibelius Shortcut Stickers for $6.54.

Option 2: Sibelius keyboard covers for Mac: $29.95
If you are a Mac user, then consider purchasing a Sibelius keyboard cover to use with your Mac computer. There are options for both Apple Keyboards and MacBooks.


Option 3: Avid Sibelius – Advance Line Keyboard: $124.90
For either Mac or Windows this is a all-in-one  dedicated Sibelius keyboard with the shortcuts embedded into the keys.

Option 4: Sibelius Control for iPad: $3.99 
If you own an iPad and you use Sibelius on a Mac or PC, then you can control Sibelius using Sibelius Control. Sibelius Control is compatible with Sibelius for OSX and Windows, versions 7, 6, 5 and 4.  Sibelius Control is free, however, you have to purchase the iPad app, Custom Keypad, so the total cost is $3.99.
Sibelius Control is free. You can make a donation to the developer via his website.