If you are a Finale user, you have surely found that the shortcuts save time entering notation.  In this post, I will review some of the options for using shortcut icons with your computer keyboard.

Option 1: Finale Shortcut Stickers: $12.86 (Mac and PC)
These work with any computer keyboard that you are using, Mac or PC. One of my Berklee Online students, Andy Detra, commented that he converted an old computer keyboard he was no longer using into a Shortcut Guide with the purchase of the Shortcut Stickers.

Option 2: Finale keyboard covers for Mac: $29.90 and $39.90 (Mac only)

If you are a Mac user, then consider purchasing a Finale keyboard cover.  There are options for both iMac and MacBook.


Option 3: Dedicated Apple Keyboard: $124.90 (Mac only)

For Mac users this is a all-in-one  dedicated keyboard with the Finale shortcuts embedded into the keys.