When you are displaying notation software for others, such as in a classroom situation, or if you are creating a screencast (video) about notation software, a mouse pointer can be extremely helpful.

Mouse Pointer Mac.png

There are several options for Mac and Windows computers which include:


If you are using Windows 7 or later you can make adjustments to the mouse which includes enlarging it for display purposes. 

There are also mouse pointers you can download for free and for a fee.  These have more options for customizing the look of the mouse for your presentations.

    Pointer Focus ($9.95)
    Presentation Pointer by Softpedia ($29.95)
    Presentation Pointer (Free)


For Mac, there are also several options that include free and for a fee. Mouse Pointer works well, as does OmniDazzle.

    Mouse Pointer (Free) See the above graphic and the video, below. 
    OmniDazzle (Free)
    Mouseposë ($4.99)

Video of me using Mouse Pointer on my Mac in a demo video. This is one of the videos from my Berklee Online Course Music Notation using Sibelius.